If you can't find a thread...

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If you can't find a thread...

#1 Post by Legend » Oct 03 2008

If you are not sure if a topic has been started use this thread to ask. Then people can post a link to the thread your topic is located.

1) use the search function first >>> http://www.bgforums.com/forums/search.php - found up to the top right of each page.
2) if you can't find a page you are looking for, you can just start a new thread or you can drop a note here to see if it's already being discussed.

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Re: If you can't find a thread...

#2 Post by Craig85 » Jun 26 2014

Hi all, I tried searching for information but couldn't find anything specific to what I'm looking for. I'm trying to figure out what the categories "Latest Poll Results", "Poll Ranking", and "Supporting Voters" means in the scorecard list.

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