Naming countrie/changing government ??? No ?

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Naming countrie/changing government ??? No ?

#1 Post by Kingslayer » Jul 19 2014

I bought this game last week and played a couple of hours and after conquering most of Africa with South Africa Im wondering why I still cant rename my country to something like... "Empire of Africa"

And also, we are supposed to be Supreme Rulers no ? Why we cant even change our government type ?

Ridiculous !

Maybe its an hidden feature, the only thing I know is that we can change our government to a Dictatorship if we lose an election.

Thx to answer me !

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Re: Naming countrie/changing government ??? No ?

#2 Post by Bob » Jul 24 2014

I am here to make your life easier...stop looking as that feature is not included....I do not know about you, but I feel better now :)

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