SteamSupreme's 5x more $CASH$ to build DEFAULT.UNIT mod

What is the world like in 2020? What are the different ways to play? How can I create my own futuristic scenario and country groupings?

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SteamSupreme's 5x more $CASH$ to build DEFAULT.UNIT mod

#1 Post by SteamSupreme » Jun 08 2018

This is the default DEFAULT.UNIT with the money cost of each unit (excluding buildings) increased by 5.

The idea is to slow up a bit the mass production of units so the game does not drag in later stages.
The guess is instead of 2000 units piled up somewhere by the AI, it will be closer to 500.

To use,
(yes you have to cache yourself)
rename DEFAULT.UNIT, usually found in but not always C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Supreme Ruler 2020\Maps\DATA\ to DEFAULT.bakUNIT or copy that file to another location. The archive includes a DEFAULT.oriUNIT (original).
From archive, copy into the DATA fldr the DEFAULT.UNIT file.

THEN go to
C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Supreme Ruler 2020\CacheGC and rename (if wanting to use Global Crises to from Global Crisis.SAV to Crisis.ORISAV.

Open Supreme Ruler 2020>Singleplayer>Campaign and select Global Crises and adjust your settings (World volatility etc) and launch game.
NOTHING will happen for many minutes, yes CACHING (15, maybe 25m on my BOOTCAMP Win 8.1; 3.40ghz iMAC 2012 i7 3770, hey it runs FarCry4 and Batman Arkham Knight),
Then it will drop you back to where you select Campaign, Scenario, Load Game or Return to Menu.
Select LOAD and you will see:
Cached -Global Crises -SC and choose that, game will load
Go check your military units and they now cost 5x more $CASH$ to build .

NOTE if you again select Global Crisis from Campaign menu rather than the saved game, it will recache and you will wait another 15-25m (if your computer is comparable to mine).

To have as a CAMPAIGN FILE

Get the newly created cache file which is likely found C:\Documents\My Games\Supreme Ruler 2020\Savegame\CACHED - Global Crisis-GC.SAV

C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Supreme Ruler 2020\CacheGC and rename Global Crisis-GC.SAV
to Global Crisis.SAV ,
then you can select Global Crisis from the Campaign menu and setup your country as normal, except now 5x more $CASH$ for building units will be "baked in!"


To undo the procedure, copy back all the saved files from their archive location or rename them to their original titles, else verify integrity of game files (in Steam).

DEFAULT.UNIT file Editor/Browser was used to assist creating this file, THANKS BattleGoat
Edit Updated readme in archive
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