City locations

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City locations

#1 Post by Stavros » Oct 28 2013

Playing as the USSR, seems that after 7.3.7 release some cities are now towns, I have nuke power plants in cities for the city power bonus, I`m guessing the change was in the update not a glitch!

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Re: City locations

#2 Post by Thumboy » Oct 28 2013

The thing is that the city town thing is very in accurate, I have settlements with population 100,000 yet they are villages!
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Re: City locations

#3 Post by number47 » Oct 28 2013

Stavros wrote:I have nuke power plants in cities for the city power bonus
What city power bonus? Do you mean bonus from "Biomass Incineration" tech (+10% to city power production, or something like that)?
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Re: City locations

#4 Post by Kellick » Oct 29 2013

This is from 2020, I don't have the CW files handy:

This is the explanation:
wmurbanproduction,0,"// Node equivalent (0-6.0) produced 'synth/other' per urban 50K (max) pop (No raw requirement, but basecost still applies)",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

&&WMPRODDATA,7,// Electric Power,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

So for every 50k of urban pop (I believe that means any placed urban facility - village, town, city, etc) we get .01 electric generation. The bonus from biomass incineration and any other techs with that effect affects that rate.

The actual population comes from the hex itself; not the facility, which is why as Thumboy noted, you might see villages with 100k pop. That I know for sure. I am speculating that the facility is what makes it urban, but it is highly likely.

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Re: City locations

#5 Post by georgios » Jun 26 2017

City types (small village, village, small town, town, city, large city, metropolis, megacity) are simply classification terms. For example when it says small village suppose that it means pop up to 50000 residents. Village is supposed 50000 - 150000, small town 150000 - 250000, city is 250000 - 500000, large city 500000 - 1500000, metropolis 1500000 - 5000,000, mega city > 5000000. Numbers may not be accurate, but show how urban centers are classified. Names could be other (this is open to modding).

City cost in money or industry goods is also a controversial matter. I think that it should be much bigger, I estimate 4 tons of industry goods for every resident.

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Re: City locations

#6 Post by Kajiwfacerock » Jun 28 2018

Thank you for this answer.

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