Targeting specific buildings?

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Re: Targeting specific buildings?

#16 Post by Chivalry » Apr 20 2018

This is still an issue. Feels bad to have hundreds of cruise missile which just hits facilities but i cannot make them attack to facilities because there are couple of land units in that hex.

Sorry for the bump.

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Re: Targeting specific buildings?

#17 Post by DuSean » Jun 12 2018

Hello Chivalry,

Although specific building/facility targeting doesn't exist it would be fair to assume that in a militaristic setting the enemy wouldn't let you destroy their buildings without a fight if they are in that hex. :)
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Re: Targeting specific buildings?

#18 Post by YoMomma » Jun 13 2018

Even unprotected facilities, you would guess, if i fired hundreds of tomahawaks you would destroy a power petrol facility dont you think? I mean it takes alot of effort, especially since they dont auto fire anymore after giving the executing order, like in SR2020.
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