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MP Dev Game

#1 Post by Balthagor » May 14 2018


I know that we often focus more on the work being done in the office than socializing on the forums, but I thought I would take a few minutes to share details of a MP test game we played last week. With a bunch of new people on the team, we want to be sure they have a good grasp of what has made the Supreme Ruler series so successful with our community. What better way than to toss them into a MP game and live the experience first hand! We had hopped the build we were testing would pass all tests so we could move the insider build to live, but some concerns were raised while playing. That is, of course, why it's called testing. Nevertheless, we had a good 2h game with 8 players thanks to some random user who joined our lobby.

USA - community member
France - Chris
Germany - George
Italy - Brad
UK - Dylan
Australia - Erik
Sean - China
Malaysia - Christian

Things did escalate rather quickly as George (Germany) declared war on me on the first day. Dylan (UK) decided about a week later to get in on the action and declared war on me as well. His ally USA did the same and started sending troops to the UK in preparation for an assault on France. Meanwhile Italy decided to invade Switzerland while China moved against North Korea. Christian in Malaysia started buying up the world Rubber supply and hoarding his production.

Knowing that the German army was more heavily armed, I started preparing defensive lines of armor and artillery, trying to hold choke points. I started allying with a bunch of other regions to get them to send troops into my territory. Being attacked unprovoked by three other regions made other regions very friendly towards me. My defense became using proxy forces to stop landings and incursions. I even allied with Italy, but they proved to have little resources to help me.

Since it was three on one, I needed to find every advantage. Dylan (UK) was using the channel crossing to push his forces across and they were all bottled up, so I was able to make a naval landing at Portsmouth and secure a foothold in Great Britain. My allies started to send forces across as well. But George (Germany) was still on the move. My allies Belgium and the Netherlands fell to his forces. Despite taking London for some time, the Germans eventually liberated England from the Finns and Spaniards fighting in French London. What a strange world we created.

And not to be outdone, Erik (Australia) asked for some nukes. Considering my situation, I decided I had no problems with Nuclear Proliferation and sold him SSBNs and nuclear missiles. Sadly, he targeted Dublin instead of Berlin for is missile tests.
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Re: MP Dev Game

#2 Post by Erigorn » May 14 2018

Oh, you know Dublin was asking for it!

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