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Re: Optimal Settings Economy

#16 Post by YoMomma » Apr 09 2018

To answer your question, yes on VH you make it harder for you and the AI. Basicly VH will cripple the AI and on the long term you will face problems because of it, since there isnt enough resources and no room for expanding everything turns expensive. Your domestic prices are basicly the same for the AI except slight differences because of GDP/c differeces.
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Re: Optimal Settings Economy

#17 Post by mrgenie » Apr 25 2018

Seathom, what YoMomma means is that if you have a unrelated question about how economy works you rather post it as a question in the forum.

This thread was meant to discuss optimal economical settings for the minister and if things over time change how to adept these settings. Especially for the AI that might be a very good start to know what are optimal settings for long term economical planning.

The difficulty settings at the start of the game have not much to do with the topic about optimal economical settings I found out in my games. It just changes the amount of surplus which you can use to spend on military, research, satellites, etc.

i.e. at very high the amount you can spend is let's say 10 Billion
at very low it's let's say 50 Billion

If that is the optimal or not, isn't related to the difficulty settings as far as I can see.

The real problem with my settings long term is GDP not growing and inflation actually going NEGATIVE.

This can easily be fixed by setting markets in the AI .. GPD increase and decrease seems tight to the inflation and if inflation under 1%.. increase social spending..

The reason why you don't want negative inflation and decreasing GDP is that it'' decrease the product prices, the sale amount and thus your overproducing everything at lower prices and thus lower makeup = financial ruin.

Manually it's easy to avoid. With the settings I pointed out above, just keep inflation and GDP increase a bit positive.

The problem usually with every single setting I had was overheating economy. Prices and GDP rising so fast you can't produce fast enough more industries, and consumer products to keep up.

My settings are the opposite, it decreases GDP and Inflation going negative.

Overheating economy is easy. Rising GDP, rising prices, etc is very simple in the game.

The real trick is to keep it under control.. And that's where my setttings I found kick in.. they prevent overheating economy and prevent the rise of demand on consumer products or electricity rising faster than you can produce new facilities.

However, I didn't find 1 single setting that balanced everything 100% for decades!!!

Still searching for that one. .. but these settings at least give people the opportunity to prevent overheating economy and if necessary if GDP and inflation went up to fast to revert it and bring back economy to normal levels.

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Re: Optimal Settings Economy

#18 Post by Eldin » Jul 10 2018

Here is what I usually do, with great success.

Manual controll social expenses and taxes.

Set taxes between 50-70%.

Social services:

Infrastructure max
Health max
Education max
Environment low to zero
Family max
Law enforcement max
Cultural low to zero
Social very low to zero - use this as your buffer to prevent GDP\c loss when not building.

Manual controll all resources that have civilian consumption, set markup to 80%

Now you can start gradually improving your industry base. Be patient, build only a few factories at once (only one if you are a small economy when you start out). Your economy will get high inflation, however this is not really a bad thing as it means you can draw even more money out of your economy without hurting it due to the markup on civilian goods raising, giving you more income. Use the social security service as a buffer, lowering it when you construct buildings and raising it when you dont. You will have to adjust sliders often but as your economy grows it will be more stable after a while. Generally though it wont matter much in the long run. Do keep in mind when you construct units and ships that they do not appear to affect economic growth, so they will be a pure expense (though I have never confirmed this, so I might be wrong). Scrap units that are obsolote for the military goods instead of trying to sell them.

Using this method you will accomplish a good economy, population growth due to immigration and healtcare and your infrastructure will be very good. As you reach 200% efficiency you can lower social spendings as it will be wasting money trying to improve past this point. Put it into social service instead.

I have managed to take Norway to the most populous, richest country in the world using this method before (and several days of leaving the game running).

Hope this helps!

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